PM-Utils Configuration to suspend X-Fi soundcard

Hey all,

I finally have full sound using my Creative X-Fi Xtreme-gamer but I am running into a bit of a problem with suspending my pc. This works ok but after resume my sound isn’t working. I have no experience with pm-utils creating custom hooks and all but I assume I will need to create a special hook to unload the alsa module on hibernation and reload it during thawing.

I think the module I need to unload and reload is ctxfi. Anyone have any experience with this card or making custom hooks? I looked on the pm-utils page of opensuse but to be honest I couldn’t make sense of it :slight_smile:

Any help appriciated.


The ctxfi module keep saying it’s busy when I try and unload it. Stopping alsa gives the same error.

I just want some help getting this unloaded and reloaded with some commands and then i can create a hook for Pm-utils to do these command when i want to hibernate my pc.

Any help anyone?

Oh, and I don’t like double posting but I am tempted to move this to the hardware forum. Altho this is a software issue :slight_smile: