PLZ HELP: SUSE 11.1 DVD wont run on my laptop

i have a LG E500 laptop…the problem is that i started the linux class last week and the teacher asked us to install the SUSE11.1 … he provided cds to the whole class…
the problem was that i cludnt install it, even though the whole class did… as i had windows vista at that time so i thought its not allowing it to be installed, so i installed windows xp proffesional now…but still its not getting a head of that green screen…
it do boot from the cd
i could even chose the keyboard layout and language
but when i say install it runs for a few seconds and as the suse installing screen with the status bar showing the installing status … it jams there … the bar shows tht it doesnt even start any thing … please help me… because i have to be way behind if i am not able to install it in the next 2 days …

If you have not done so yet, when the initiall “openSUSE Installer” menu appears (with the various install options), select to do a “Check Installation Media”. If it fails that check, then you obtained a bad CD.

Also, if the media is ok, and if a normal boot fails, then in that same menu, press F5 (Kernel Default) and try either:

  • No ACPI,or
  • No local APIC, or
  • Safe Settings .

Also, what are the specifications of the PC that you are trying to boot from / install this on ? If your PC has significantly less than 1 GByte of RAM, you may need to take some special precautions to ensure the installation from a live CD is successful.

thanks alot … it helped by changing the kernel setings from default to the others…really appreciate…thanxxxxxxxxxxxxx