Plymouth troubleshooting on tumbleweed


I have a problem with plymouth (it seems) since update 20221130 (after zypper dup).
I have a encrypted drive with luks and here is no more splash screen, text is scrolling at boot and I have to press Esc key to enter the passphrase (a text is showing in green ‘Please enter the passphrase for …’).
I’ve try reversing to an older version of plymouth, installing breeze-theme,changing theme in plymouth but to no avail (I’m new on OpenSuse and haven’t unable snapshots at the installation).
It’s not so important as I can login on my session but it’s more useful to have a plymouth login to enter the passphrase.
Does anyone would have a solution to this problem ?
Thanks in advance.


Is it related to this oen (and more of them)?

No, I’ve encountered this bug and it was corrected (everything was fine after that correction).
It seems that the machine boots in text mode (no logo appears on boot).
I’ve made a new fresh install on another partition and everything works well, so it is problem on my installation.
I’m going to make a new install on the main partition to replace this one or try to copy some files.