Plymouth theme

Hello everybody.
Can anyone help me in changing the plymouth theme?
There are tutorial and progs for Ubuntu but didn’t find anything on Opensuse.
For example i want the theme of Opensuse12.1 instead. How to do that?

The themes are located in /usr/share/plymouth/themes/.
Create your own folder there with your theme, maybe copy an existing one and change the files accordingly or copy over the /usr/share/plymouth/themes/openSUSE/ folder from 12.1 and give it a different name, like openSUSE_12.1 maybe.
You should not directly change the existing themes, as your changes might get lost when installing updates.

You can set the theme to use with:

plymouth-set-default-theme [options] <theme>

“plymouth-set-default-theme -l” will list all available themes, the following will set the theme to “openSUSE_12.1”:

plymouth-set-default-theme -R openSUSE_12.1

-R is there to re-create the initrd. That’s necessary because plymouth is normally started by the initrd already.
See also “man plymouth”.

You might want to take a look at my posts in this recent thread

Particularly in my last post,
I described how I did not get the results I expected.

You can follow the same… Install ready made Plymouth themes from the repos, creating your own theme isn’t trivial and IMO the only widely distributed generic themes are all pre-packaged and installed correctly for you.

You can then follow/repeat the commands I describe to test different Plymout themes on your system, but you may experience the same I did…


If you describe exactly what you are looking for, maybe a different procedure will give you what you want.
Note the “other” content in the thread I just posted… If you are really asking how to modify the background displayed when the User Login is displayed, the answer is in that thread (It’s a Desktop setting, not Plymouth like it is on Debian based systems)