Plymouth showing grey screen with green dots instead of the usual loading screen.

Hello, recently I got an update, which contains a new plymouth theme, a new default wallpaper etc. However, the first time the PC booted it showed the nice theme, but the next day it showed just a grey screen with three green dots. How can I get the nice theme to show every time?

Check the resolutions in YaST - System - Bootloader.

FWIW: Is this a showstopper? Tw is heavily tested in openQA, and this is nothing more than a splash screen, rendered for a couple of secs during boot. Anyway, it’s a bootloader setting.

This means when plymouth starts it does not detect frame buffer/DRM capable video device and falls back to plain text mode.

How can I get the nice theme to show every time?

For all I can tell this is race condition during startup. I can reliably reproduce it in VM when booting after host reboot/cache flush; next warm VM boot would show usual graphical splash screen. The problem exists for years and reported for various versions of openSUSE. I opened upstream bug report but there was no reaction so far. So unfortunately once you get this issue there is no recipe to fix it.

Well, there is if you don’t mind or even prefer an old-fashioned text mode boot that shows all the loading messages and no splash - uninstall Plymouth. :slight_smile:

No, that’s kinda the opposite of what I’m trying to do…

I m on Tumbleweed with the nvidia drivers from the repository and noticed this (ever since I started using the nvidia drivers from the repo):

Creating initrd: /boot/initrd-4.15.10-1-default
dracut: Executing: /usr/bin/dracut --logfile /var/log/YaST2/mkinitrd.log --force /boot/initrd-4.15.10-1-default 4.15.10-1-default
dracut: dracut module 'plymouth' will not be installed, because it's in the list to be omitted!

in /etc/dracut.confd.d is 50-nvidia-default.conf which omits plymouth.

not sure if this is your problem but just in case…

AFAIK I don’t have an Nvidia graphics card and I don’t remember manually installing any graphics card drivers.

it’s my case. So, as i see, i can’t bypass this problem using nvidia driver?
Before system upgrade and installing nvidia, i have nice plymouth, but now, when i cut off the omit line, i also have green dots on grey background:(
Ofcource it’s not showstopper, but it makes me sad

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