Plugins folder MakeHuman

I have installed MakeHuman 1.1.0

I am running OpenSUSE 42.1

I would like to install MHX2 plugin

My question is this, where is the MakeHuman plugin folder on OpenSUSE? I have looked all over the system and cannot find it anywhere. I have done this process on Ubuntu and windows, which was fairly simple, however, I am lost.

I would be awfully grateful for any help or pointers.

Many thanks in advance.


Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
The systemwide location is /usr/share/makehuman/plugins, don’t know if it creates something in ~/home (or you need to manually create).

Thank you Malcolm,

Sorry I forgot to mention that I did create a ‘makehuman’ folder and located it within ‘home/.local’ folder. Then within that ‘makehuman’ folder I created an empty ‘plugins’ folder

Therefore the address for the plugins folder I created was ‘home/.local/makehuman/plugins’

This however didn’t work, unfortunately. I did also check the settings within MakeHuman to view the plugins in case it was listed, but alas, it was not. (I later deleted those folders).

Apologises, I should have explained this initially.

Thank you for your time,

Just to clarify

I did populate the ‘plugins’ folder with .py files. As it reads I was using an empty folder. Which was not the case.


So did you try copying the plugin files to the systemwide directory and set permissions/ownership?

So what did you do on the other operating systems to get the plugins working?

Hi Malcolm,

On the other OS systems Ubuntu 14.04 (LTS) the plugins live within the usr/share folder. I do not really remember either windows nor Ubuntu being difficult to find the plugin folders.

The permissions I have changed both folders, ‘makehuman’ and ‘plugins’ to be read and write by user.

I will keep searching. When I have found the relevant folder I will post.

Many thanks,

Very sorry feel a bit of a mug…

Long day installing software, and not use to gnome or nautilus. I typed the ‘usr/share/makehuman/plugin’ directly into nautilus, and guess what found it. Apologies to everyone reading my posts and big thanks to Malcolm for not banging his head against the wall. In my defence (if I have any…) when I opened up the files icon and ‘showed hidden folders’ I expected to see the USR/ folder… Ooops.

Anyway didn’t realise you can type the location of the folders in with nautilus.

So big thanks, and don’t be too harsh on me… It’s been a long day…


No problems, everyone has those days :wink: Enjoy the application :slight_smile: and remember to have fun!