plugins extra package

how do i get and install the plugins extra package for compiz(deformation, reflection, 3d windows). I still cant get my internet working in linux so i need a method which takes that into account. thx

Download the package compiz-fusion-plugins-extra*.rpm from the OBS using another machine and install with “rpm -ivh compiz-fusion-plugins-extra*.rpm” - the package shouldn’t have additional dependencies. In the long term you should take care that your internet connection is up and running from my perspective.

thx for the reply,but what is OBS and in what directory do i place it after its downloaded. Im trying to get my internet working but no luck i’ve got some good responses from the forum but still not there. I’m just so new to Suse that i dont know how to do anything,I need childlike instructions.

any help? Or is my question just a bad one.

OBS is the openSuse Build Service

If you are on 32-bit, here’s the download link:

You can simply put it in your home directory and then proceed to install it per rhorstkoetter’s instructions.

Honestly though, you would be better off getting your Internet connection working first. Then you can simply go to YAST and download/install it from there - a lot easier.