Plug&Play: beamer presentations on OpenSuse

Hi there.
Lateley I’ve been working with one of the laptops of my company and they run -of course- OpenSuse. It seems like there is no natural support for plug&play with the newest beamers around.

Is there some program that’s missing in order to be able to plug the cable and instantly be able to perform something spacy? :wink:

what is a “beamer”?

are you sure the company laptop runs openSUSE, or is it SUSE Linux
Enterprise Desktop (aka: SLED) ??

they look the same (i guess, i’ve never actually seen on running), but
they are NOT (exactly) the same!

there is an easy way to tell what you are running:

open a terminal, type:

cat /etc/SuSE-release

and the result will it…


Beamer = Projector. The company laptops run the Operating System I mentioned before.

projectors do work with openSUSE, just connect to the external vga connector,if the laptop has one. have a squint at this Laptops and external VGA - openSUSE BTW, i used one for a presentation :wink: