Pls. help : WN111 V2 wireless adapter on openSUSE 11.3 GNOME


I am trying out Netgear WN111 v2 USB wireless adapter.

uname -r

I followed the suggestion from Alkoellh in this link:Wireless Netgear WN111 Suse 11.1 please help

First, I went to http://

then downloaded and installed the following 2 items:

  1. AR-9170 driver:

No problem here.

  1. compat-wireless firmware:http://

I got the following error message:

“Dependency resolution failed. A package cannot be found that allows the action to complete. Details: Nothing provides compat-wireless scripts=2.6.37 needed by compat-wireless-kmp-default-2.6.37_k2.6.34.7_0.7-17.1.i586…”

Can you help me sort this out, so that I can get a wireless connection using this adapter? Thanks a lot for your help.

Why not add the repo Index of /repositories/driver:/wireless/11.3-update

And manually select the packages