PLS help not able to install suse linux 9 on sata board

:Xi have dg43nb intel original board with e7500 64 bit processor ready … i already have window xp n want to install suse . in my old system i could install suse easily but with the same cd’s in my new dg43nb board i m not able to install the error are during installion are…

insert disk1 or cd rom not installed ready to go for manual installaion. wen i see it dnt even able to detect sata hdd… linuxrc something is written on top with this error…

can u help in begining i can boot with my cd1 but after i click installaion in cd menu of suse linux after some minutes it shows same error n say “begin with manual no cd room or disk is detected” and dnt proceed to read cd even . wat i do pls help?

Suse 9 is rather old, and seeing as your hardware is quite new I would think that is the problem.

You might be able to download updates for it as you are installing if your network connection is up and running first.

But having said that, I started with openSUSE at version 10.3 so I don’t even know if they did updates at install time back then!

If you have no serious reason to use version 9, then maybe download and install a later version.

You can get either a net install .iso, liveCD .iso, or the complete dvd .iso from