Pleximediaserver - want to run it on Opensuse? It works great (SOLVED)

I thought I would post some good news for a change. I have found out about plexi media server and it is perfect for a media server. VERY robust and very easy to set up. Alas, I could not find Plexi on the Suse servers and went to the authors site. They have it for 3 flavors of linux. I downloaded the Fedora 64 bit version and it installs flawlessly! So check it out if you are looking for a good media server.


It ran fine on my system for several months until yesterday. All of a sudden my system started choking after a massive updates install. At first I thought it was a kernel update since X wouldn’t load. Re-installed NVIDIA drivers and still no go. Did a df and ah **** / 100%!! long story short… after repairing a corrupt drive etc… I learned that the one thing they don’t do well is in the install they do not ask where you want to put stuff. So they put everything in /! Well caching and metadata gets huge. Most of us have a relatively small / partition so I came up with the only quick fix I could think of. Make a symlink.

The bad news is a symlink to the main directory fails! So here is what I recommend. Put the 3 huge directories on a large partition. Start here: /var/lib/plexmediaserver/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server.

Then I made a symlink for cache, Media and Metadata. After renaming then to .old. I copied those 3 directories to the new location, deleted the 3 .old directories and it came up. Someone will likely have a cleaner way of doing this, but for anyone else having issues, I hope it helps.