Please test

Didn’t know where else to put this, as it isn’t a request for help, but is simply asking folks to test different web browsers with the page below. Trying to find out if the video autoplays, and if the pause, play, fullscreen buttons work in all browsers (well the most popular anayways)

New Video

Works fine. oS 11.1 64 bit; KDE 4.2; Konq 4.2, FF 3.0.6, Epiphany 2.24.1, Opera 9.63. Ran twice on all, clearing cache in between… As soon as I find a package for Lynx… >:)

Vista Home Premium 64bit; OK in IE7 32 bit, FF 3.0.6, Opera 9.63, Maxthon 2.1.5. Will not load at all in IE 7 64 bit, just the gray page with “The player will show in this paragraph” at the top. All my settings mirror the 32 bit version.

Works fine on 10.3 w/ KDE 3.59, Mozilla 3.0.6 with Flash Player 9. I am disappointed with the video itself, though – I was hoping to see ol’ brucecadieux dancing!

Works fine in SeaMonkey


Love the desktop background scene

Video works under Firefox 2.0 / Windows 2k

Not sure about the sound, think it’s VirtualBox itself messing up.

OS X 10.5.6 + Safari 3.2.1 works.

10.3 with KDE 3.5.7

Firefox 3.0.1: good sound and auto play
Konqueror 3.5.7: good sound and auto play
Opera 9.63: good sound and auto play
IEs4Linux 6.0: no sound (maybe never had sound there, use it seldom)

have fun

Works fine.

openSUSE 11.0, KDE 3.5.9, Firefox 3.0.6

I use Fx3.0.6 on Opensuse11.1 KDE4.2 release93 all aspects work,
including fullscreen!!:slight_smile:

works fine in Gnome/Firefox