Please recommend an mp3 player with pitch shift capability

I installed audacity but it doesn’t import mp3’s. I even reinstalled the version from the packman repository but still no mp3 support. Tried to update it, can’t figure out how to get it to play mp3’s.

I am just looking for a media player I can open mp3’s in, change the pitch and then export again.


Could you say us the version of your openSUSE and your GUI.

Hm I put 11.4 in the tag but it didn’t show up. Gnome.

You need to install lame in order to make audacity export files as .mp3

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Sorry because I have not Gnome as my graphical interface, Totem does not support mp3 files?

Yes it does support mp3 files if You have the right codecs but the way I understand the OP he want’s to modify the mp3 files and as far as I know Totem does not allow for adjusting the volume in an mp3 file and saving it with the new settings.

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These codecs you must download if you download packman repo.

mixxx allows you to manipulate the pitch and record the output of your personal mixes for future playback…

not exactly what you’re looking for, but a step in the right direction…

i haven’t done a zypper search or webpin search for it, but here’s the official link:

Mixxx | Free Digital DJ Software

This doesn’t say anything. Did you leave something out?

Maybe, because as I know in KDE the codec of mp3 is given with packman repo. About Gnome I do not know how operates and if needs packman to processes mp3 files. So I ask here to learn more about Gnome.

This has nothing to do with Audacity. The user wants to be able to change the pitch of the played mp3’s. Audacity can do this. Like said, he needs lame to be installed. If you want to know more about GNOME, install it, use it, learn from the threads on GNOME in the forums.

You should not give authoritative advice if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

On 04/24/2011 03:06 PM, swerdna wrote:
> You should not give authoritative advice if you don’t know what you’re
> talking about.

Really? Awwww…
Well, lots here do!

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This is not advice. It is a question. In this thread I do not give advice i ask about.

Where then are the question marks? Nobody here read this as questions.

Here the first

And I add to the second quote:
And see why the “threader” wants a different mp3 player, when totem as I learn supports mp3?

Please recommend an mp3 player with pitch shift capabili

The OP asks about Audacity which is an MP3 editor, not just a player. When you do not know what his questions are about, you should not answer and thus spoil the thread.

When you want to ask questions about Totem, please start a new thread.

When you want to know more about Gnome, install it first, try it out and when you then still have specific questions, start a thread with one question per thread and a good telling title. That is how it works here.