Please read / comment: Discussion started on oSC19: a Foundation and .... more.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention Gertjan.

I note from reading the lengthy mailinglist thread that Richard has shared a link to a video explaining the Foundation proposal discussed in the openSUSE Conference 2019…

and for those who don’t have time to watch, he summarizes…

It does a good job of explaining why a Foundation is being pursued and
in what form.

In a few short bulletpoints for those who cant be bothered to watch the video.

  • The Primary motivation is to enable the openSUSE Project to be able
    to receive, spend, and sign it’s own contracts/sponsorships/money
  • This should be in addition to, not in replacement of the
    exceptionally positive and good working relationship openSUSE has with
  • Both the Board and SUSE are keen on using this opportunity to
    codify the nature of that close working relationship into the
    by-laws/charter of the Foundation (likely to be a German Stiftung)
  • I personally refer to this effort and openSUSE seeking “less
    dependence” on SUSE, not “independence”

Hopefully you can see how the above tenants have learned the lessons
of previous efforts and I would describe this current effort as the
most amicable, mutually respectful, and uniquely “openSUSE/SUSEian”,
with the vast majority so far seeming to agree with the broad strokes
of the topic.

One likely sticky topic around the Foundation will be that of the
Trademarks, a number of the reasons I’ve already mentioned in this
thread…hence why I think the naming discussion is a good one to have
now. And despite my personal preferences, I will gladly embrace
whatever the community decides.
Either way it will help shape the structure of the Foundation as it
comes together.