please help

I didn’t know where to put this, I’ve instaled openSUSE 11.1, and I have some problems with my keyboard and mouse, they only worked in the first menu screen - when I select to install openSUSE, after that the don’t respond, I also have a graphic tablet with mouse and I could install openSUSE with that - I used the help file to copy letters for user and password, after the install they worked, I have 2 HDD, the first is ATA 133 - with openSUSE, the second is SATA 2, and was disconnected when I installed openSUSE.
After a shut down to connect the sata HDD, my keyboard and mouse failed to work, only my tablet works, I’ve tried without the HDD like when I installed openSUSE but no luck.
Both my keyboard and mouse are on PS/2, my mouse is Genius - optical 2 button+scroll, and my keyboard is A4Tech Office. The tablet is on USB…
Please help, what can I do?

Strange… Somebody wants tablet to work, now your tablet is fine, keyboard isn’t. :slight_smile: Are you tried to start the installation with Safe Settings enabled (select at the boot screen)?

Didn’t try my tablet’s pen, only the mouse and it works fine, but the keyboard and mouse only worked once, right after instalation, I booted in FailSafe Mode and still no keyboard/mouse, and before openSUSE 11.1, I’ve tried Ubuntu 8.10 and Debian with same results, no keyboard/mouse after the first menu screen (after I chose “Install” and I see the kernel loading…)

Hmm… strange. Are you tried to unplug, and then plug it again?

Yes, pluged/unpluged my sata HDD, when I installed openSUSE was unpluged, pluged/unpluged my keyboard/mouse, before linux I had Windows and the keyboard and mouse worked fine with default drivers, my keyboard has special drivers for office/multimedia keys

You said that, you’ve also tried it on Fedora and Ubuntu so IMHO this is some global linux problem with this keyboard. Google for the keyboard model - how others solved it, and what distribution is used.
Do a media check in installer - maybe something is wrong with the DVD.