Please help - scratchy noise (and other issues) with 82801 I

Hi !

I have the same issue with both 11.0 (32 bit) and 11.1 (64 bit) on my Quad Core 2.4 GHz, Gigabyte P35DS4 m/b, 4 GB RAM. and built-in 82801 ICH9 sound device.

  1. With both fresh 11.0 (32 bit) and 11.1 (64 bit) I have scratchy noise coming from the sound-out. Its quite noticeable and is well above usual hum generated by audio devices. With Windows everything works just fine.

  2. Installing sound blaster SBLive 5.1 partially solves this problem, noise level is lower (scratching almost gone) but still above normal level (comparing to iPod for example at the same output signal level).

This looks like driver and not hardware/cabling issue.

  1. Installing 11.1 64-bit (fresh install, not upgrade) renders some other sound troubles apart from excess noise level. Pushing “Play Test Sound” button in YaST produces nothing, yet sound works, I can play music/films with amarok, VLC, Kaffeine. However, Flash player is silent as dead.

Anyone can help me to identify source of these problems?

Thanks in advance.

I’m very reluctant to get involved in this thread … because I don’t know if I can help. IMHO the main thing you need to focus on is your mixer settings. Ensure levels are not too high, and ensure you do not have a microphone input active, which is casing this. But I suspect you will claim you have done this, so in that case there is not much point in my suggesting this.

As noted, I’m reluctant to get involved. If after a week or so, and no one else has replied, …then reply to bump this thread, and I can suggest some scripts and commands to run to obtain more information on your sound hardware/software config (which may be a wild goose chase).

Until then, I hope someone else chimes in to help.