Please Help My Repo Priorities Settings

I’ve read some documentations about repository priorities but I can’t really sure how to apply them on my repository list.

These are my repositories:

KDE 4.6 Factory Repo
Google Chrome

I’m using 11.3.

I leave the priorities at their default value.

Leave them all at 99 default

Once you use the package switch on kde46 like this:

You would do the same on Packman again (I say again because you should have already done that when you did your multimedia)

Then finally on Mozilla too

Once you have done the above:
This should keep you in order:


What if later I add new repository? Should I switch to that repo and then doing this again

That depends on many factors. You would be best to ask.
I hasten to add. More repos than you have is probably not a good idea. I have the same + 1 that supplies dropbox (I don’t use the switcher on that)

Sorry for late reply, lost internet connection yesterday.

Thanks for your help, i really like the screenshots :smiley:

I try and make it easy for users
Sometimes if you can see what we are on about it can help.