Please help. Multiple ISP connections


I am quite new to Linux and would like setup Linux-Machine, Suse 9.3, to use another ISP when the first one fails.
I am only posting this after reading numerous posts.
Both ISP-Routers are on the same lan and same IP-range.

For remote login, Ip forwarding is setup on both routers to the
machine, but the machine can only respond to the default gateway. If one ISP or router fails, there is no access to the machine even
with ISP 2 up and running. Gateway 2 is set up in Routing table. I would like the machine to auto-switch gateway once the first one

Any way to do this? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi, welcome,

I can’t help you on the ISP question, but there is one thing I should point out: SuSE 9.3 is old, very old, and is no longer supported. One could compare it to running win95 today. If I was in your position I would want to upgrade the machine to a recent openSUSE version, i.e. 12.1 or 11.4, and then solve the double ISP issue.

While what you want may be rather independent of the OS you use, let alone the version of it (it involves more netwwork logic, but it couyld involve scripting), I am obliged to point you to the act that Suse 9.3 is about as old as Methusalem. Nobody here will have it running any more and thus checking advises with their own system is impossible. When you say you are quite new to Linux, does this mean that you inherited such an old system from another one? Because I guess you do not mean that you just have installed that 9.3

Thank You for replies.

I guessed that some scripting might be necessary. The system I am currently testing it on is 9.3, but the machines where I need to implement it. (live running servers) have 11.3 installed. I am using the old machine to test/try as I do not want to mess up the server causing downtime.
I did some of the installs myself and do have a basic knowledge if Linux. I have set up many networks, multiple Eth-devices and IP’s. Just can not find a way to do the above mentioned, not on 9.3 or 11.3.
Windows uses the ‘added, extra’ gateway once the first fails.

Thank you

IMHO testing on a system that has another level as the target systems isn’t increasin g the change of success. And btw, 11.3 is also out of support (and thus out of security updates).

Writing a script that changes the default router is of course not a big problem (using the route statement), but letting it run on the right moment might be. What has to trigger it?