Please Help me with the webcam on 11.1

Dear All
I have a microsoft vx3000 webcam which used to work real fine with opensuse 11.0 and the gspcav modules.

Now everything has changed with 11.1 and these modules are already in the kernel, but guess what?
My webcam does not work and actually the modules do not even load if not invoked by command line.

If I look at the kernel configuration files I can see that there are several gspca modules available, starting from gspca_main.

In the gspcav website it says that my camera is supported by gspcav1, however none of the modules available in the kernel has that name.
What is the equivalent of gspcav1 in the kernel?

So, How do I find out which module to load for my cam?
It is recognized upon lsusb, but i cannot find any information, even on the web about its chipset, and the different modules are relative to different chipsets.

In addition, can someone please post the full sequence of commands or what to do with Yast in order to configure the webcam permanently?
In my xorg file I load the module “v4l” and I tried the various LD commands for enabling the webcam with skype or VLC, but with no success.

Why not adding to Yast in the Hardware section a control panel to configure the webcam?

Thanks for any help