please help me with kitchensync

Dear All
I have been trying to sync my motorola v180 to kde pim using kitchensync with no success.
can anybody help me please?
I have set up a group using the motorola plugin (configured to use my phone as /dev/ttyACM0), the filesystem (configured to use a folder in my home directory) plugin and the kdepim plugin.
When i start syncing the application says it detects about 60 or so items from my phone, but suddenly it crashes saying that it could not communicate with one of the items.
Where can I get the kitchensync log to understand what went wrong?
Has anybody been able to sync both phone book and calendar with pim?
the phone is plugged via usb, sice it has no bluetooth and it can also be detected using kmobiletools.
However using this application i have not found the way to import my numbers into the pim address book.
does anybody know how to do it?
I also gave it a try with syncml-obex.
If i use it as root and give lsusb my mobile phone is detected, however when i give the command
syncml-obex-client -u i get the response that no device is found.
i guess it is the same problem underlying the failure with kitchensync.
Hope someone will help me.
Is isync on the mac based on opensync? because that application can sync my phone perfectly and so a solution to my problem could be ported from it.
Thank you very much