Please help me updating to 11.1

Sorry for my question, but I’m not into OpenSuse yet.

I want to update my opensuse version 11.0 to 11.1, but I wonder if there are any problems with the drivers. I installed a special Atheros driver for my wifi lan on my laptop and also some special drivers for my graphics adapter from ATI.

  1. How to install 11.1?
  2. Do I have to expect some problems with my specially installed drivers?

Thank you very much

Yes, you will need to do some extra work. If you upgrade from the DVD you will essentially need to redo the steps you did after installing 11.0, because there are kernel modules required and these must match the new kernel that 11.1 will install.

If you are using the fgrlx ATI driver, then after upgrade you may not have a gui - the upgrade may try to switch you to the open source “radeon” version; I don’t know if that works with your card. Or it may switch you to the “vesa” driver, which most likely works and then you install the 11.1 ATI driver. See here ATI - openSUSE. (Appears that wiki page has not yet been updated for 11.1, but should work just substituting 11.1 for 11.0). If - worst case - the upgrade leaves the X server configured to use fglrx and it no longer works, all you need to do is boot into runlevel 3 (the number 3 in boot options on the menu) which take you to a command line, login as your user, and then do:

su -
sax2 -r -m 0=vesa

that should get you the vesa driver and a gui. Since the 1-click has not been updated yet for 11.1, you’ll need to add the ATI repo and install the driver using YaST. The repo is probably

The Atheros card, I can’t give you a good answer. First, you can have set it up in 11.0 using either ndiswrapper or madwifi. At the Atheros/madwifi page here Atheros madwifi - openSUSE I checked the 11.1 links and I don’t think they will work (there are 2 packages required, the tools and the kernel driver). It looks as if someone edited that wiki page expecting the 11.1 versions to be set up, but that hasn’t happened at least not yet. The madwifi website has a kernel package for 11.0, but not 11.1. The 1-click to install the 11.1 madwifi tools points to the standard oss repo, but I don’t find the madwifi package there. And it doesn’t show up in the 11.1 package search, either. If you use the madwifi version, I would open a new thread, maybe in the network sub-forum - looks to me that you can’t rely on the wiki page links. The most recent instructions for using ndiswrapper with Atheros is for 10.3, so I’m assuming you used madwifi, and I won’t get into ndiswrapper.

Once you sort out how to actually get madwifi for 11.1, you might consider an “in-place” upgrade instead of using the DVD. I explain it here Upgrade from 11 to 11.1 - where is the howto? - openSUSE Forums. I mention this because what you can do is add all the 11.1 repositories you need, including the ATI and wherever you’ll get madwifi, and then upgrade from within 11.0. That way you avoid doing the extra steps above, e.g., for the ATI card - it’s just part of your overall upgrade. There are other considerations, so check my post for details.