Please help me understand this instructions

Im a total noob with linux.
i have this Linksys Wirleless-G , and the gentleman explaining how to install the driver in this thread:

WUSB54GC on SuSE 11-64bit working - openSUSE Forums

i did download the driver and extract it to

But i cant understand most of the instructions.
if anyone able to translate it into noobish, it would be very appreciated.

thanks a lot.

This for KDE ( & works in most other environs ).First thing to do: make sure you have kernel-sources,gcc/gcc++ & make installed

1 ) right-click file & select “extract-extract to here”
2 ) open the file.
3 ) go to tools on the menubar
4 ) select open terminal
5 ) type “make” & press enter,let it do it’s stuff
6 ) type “su” & press enter, enter root’s password when asked
7 ) type "make install " & press enter,let it do it’s stuff
8 ) go to YaST - network devices - network settings & fill in the blanks for your device
should help,any problems,just post,or,have a squint at my own reminder.may not be complete but should help Howto’s


Awwesom, it is working.:slight_smile:
thanks alot for the help.

Cool, glad to help.Now enjoy