Please help me remapping mouse buttons to keyboard

I have a wireless keyboard with touchpad
However the position of the mouse buttons is very unconfortable and so I would like to remap the mouse button to some kes on the keyboard.

I would like to use the media keys which are present on the keyboard. They are useless to me since most of the programs that I use have their own keyboard shortcuts for controls such as play, stop etc.

I mapped the keys using xev, and for instance I found that the “play” key mapped to keycode 172

by trying someting like

xmodmap -e “keycode 172 = Pointer_Button1”

nothing happens.

Could anybody help me please?

Did you log out and back in (or reboot) after making that change?

I use xbindkeys ( to modify keys. There the syntax would be:

keys added by TTT 12/23/09 - eject cd/dvd media

“eject &” <<<<< change these two lines for your app.
m:0x0 + c:170


I will give it a try