Please help me recover KDE

Last week an updated driver for my NVIDIA graphics failed to load, but I missed why. When I next rebooted, no X…it would freeze but I opened a terminal and did a zypper update.

this failed because by / partition was too full. So after some work, I moved over my /usr/share to my home directory with a simlink to it. Maybe this is the problem.

Anyway, zypper update now brings in my new driver, but KDE still fails, differently – just a white screen. Opening a terminal and checking for errors in .xsession.errors shows "

(==) Using system co fig directory “/usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d”
Fatal server error:
(EE) xf860OpenConsole: VT_ACTIVATE failed: Operation not permitted

Im not sure what’s wrong. I can ls the /usr/share/X11xorg.conf.d directory and its there. Maybe the link was a bad idea?

as there is no nvidia repo for 42.2 how did you install the driver was it the hard way, there was a recent kernel update with the new 42.2 rc1 so if you installed nvidia the hard way you should have re-run the nvidia installer in text mode to rebuild the driver kernel module
your root filling up is most likely the use of btrfs and the recent 42.2 updates you shouldn’t have moved /usr/share
what to do
if you can’t get an X server reinstall the nvidia driver, if you created an xorg.conf file remove it as it’s deprisiated
after you reinstall nvidia go in yast and remove a bunch of snapshots with snapper then move back /usr/share

there really shouldn’t be a /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d directory?
the graphics config should be in
I’m really not sure what you did to redirect /etc to /usr/share
if you can get a text mode at the grub screen select advanced then press the ‘e’ key and add the number 3 at the end of the boot line
then use snapper in yast in text mode to do a restore to a previous state (it’s kind of like system restore on windows but it’s file system not application based)

my mistake there is a
with config files related to keyboards/touch pads/mice moving that probobly did break something move it back to the root file system

Finally got a chance to mess with this. Moving it back worked.