Please help me oldcpu...anybody...

Is there an easy way to make a dvd that will play on a television set top dvd player out of an .mkv file?

We start with easy and take what we can get.


try devede

Wow. There’s no way you could have come any closer to telling me exactly what I wanted to know. It worked perfectly too.


in the future please note:

  1. your message title needs to somehow refer to your question (i.e. “Program to convert mkv file to DVD?” or the like)


  1. some people, myself included, think its rude to ask someone directly for help. seeing as how oldcpu is not paid for his services here, and helps lots of folks :slight_smile:

these two reasons are why i almost didnt respond, probably why no one else did, and why i was so short with my message

just my two cents

glad i could help though :slight_smile:


I see. I was under the impression from past experiences that to ask somebody for help specifically was somewhat of a compliment (I know he isn’t paid) and all part of the community feel and comeradery associated with whatever the particular forum you were participating in was. That also would have applied to the title I used, as well as creating some sort of curiosity as to what was contained within. However that wasn’t the explicit intent.

I meant no offense, but I understand the basis for your point of view though of course. I will remember your suggestion in the future because apparently the participants of this forum feel it is necessary to adopt this ethic. I have no desire to create any unneeded confusion and this forum is obviously being conducted with somewhat more structure, and that structure with a particular goal in mind.

Thanks again for your help.

youre very welcome for the help.

and sorry if i sounded a litte…short.


Hey Np… you already explained that. I was just explaining why I did what I did just so you wouldn’t think I didn’t care enough to show a little courtesy and exercise the proper etiquette.