Please help me Dual boot easy way.

I have read about dual bootingopenSUSE 12.1 installation (dual boot with windows 7)

but i need i easyway like you have in ubuntu in which it install itself on free space(unlocated space) automatically.
I have dual boot window 7 & ubuntu . but now i want to replace it with Window 7 & open suse.
How can i migrate from ubuntu to open suse the easy way.
all my important data is in windows, i can sacrifice the ubuntu for open suse 12.1.

On 08/23/2012 09:56 AM, davinderpro wrote:
> How can i migrate from ubuntu to open suse the easy way.
> all my important data is in windows

first step is to back up all your important data in windows to an off
machine location/medium…

you can do that while you wait for someone else to tell you the “easy
way” to delete Ubuntu and install openSUSE…

by the way, i wonder why you want to switch from Ubuntu??


When you simply want to replace Ubuntu with openSUSE (not keeping any data), just enter the DVD, boot from it and follow the installation until it comes to using the partitions. (It could be that you must in the beginning switch off “automatic”). See what it offers you as a default. Change there when you ar not satisfied (there is an “expert” or similar called option there). Use for Swap what you used for Ubuntu’s Swap. I do not know how your Unbuntu partitions were, but you probably can use them again as they are.

Remember that you can play around there at will. As long as you do not go further pressing the “OK go and install” (or similar) button you can allways bail out without anything happening to your disk.

When in doubt, make good notes on what you have (an fdisk -l listing is very usefull!) and what the installl offers you and come back here for advice. Do not screw up your system before asking here :wink:

Thank you so much Hcvv,DD. I have finally replaced ubuntu with open suse, I was just playing safe.
@DD " by the way, i wonder why you want to switch from Ubuntu?? "
Cause Open suse is sponsored by AMD and i happen to have a AMD Trinity notebook
Imo Open SUSE should work well with my system compared to Ubuntu when it comes to hardware compatibility.
I like the extensive control panel that open suse. I am loving it.

thread can be deleted as problem is solved.

Nice you succeeded. Congratulations.

You do not delete the thread, nor is there a status Solved to switch on. Just telling that you are satisfied (as you did above) is OK. When it is about a real problem, telling how you solved it is appreciated. Others may feel the wish to add something, that is why we do not close/solve it. And the whole is for future use for all interested (through serach engines e.g.) and thus we do not delete it.

On 08/23/2012 02:26 PM, davinderpro wrote:
> I have finally replaced ubuntu with open suse

-=Welcome=- to openSUSE (notice the way i spelled it: not open suse, not
Open suse, not OpenSuse, not etc etc)

i’m glad you made it in…

go slowly and ask often…or better: have a look at our documentation here:

the wiki

and the how-to forums also, here

OH! and, there are several differences between Ubuntu and openSUSE,
review those here: