PLease help, going crazy! IP over and over

Ok, so this is a complicated question, and Im not too computer savvy, but Im hoping someone can help me.

On my peerblock (I dont use p2p programs…although I used to) I keep seeing over and over again it blocking an IP named State of Connecticut, and I also see (more often). I disabled upnp, and ssdp. I even went and disabled the Mulicast IPv6, and it still shows up over and over. I try and ping those IP and it receives nothing…which I assume it means it sending me something? Anyone have any clue what this is? Is this the SOC tracking me or something? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Im using a VPN hotspotshield Win7 with peerblock on.


What version of openSUSE?

Im sorry, I just randomly found this forum hoping to find help. Im not using openSUSE. Could you still help or maybe link any forums that may be able to help? My apologies.

I assume then you have some application blocking this IP, which must mean it’s doing the job intended.
AFAIK these IP filter maintainers keep lists of IP address with details of their origins
DNS lookup will sometimes assist in identity.

But I suggest you ask in Windows forum. We can’t really help beyond this.