Alright guys I need some bigtime help. I know this has happened to someone but I can’t find the fix…

I updated to Suse 11/KDE 4 via “New Installation” now I have two folders in /home…I told it do not mess with the home partition and yet, I have two folders. One is the previous one million time freaking settings and now this new BS folder with all new emptiness in it and guess what the system wants to use??? That’s right, the new home dir.

How in the Holy crap do I tell it to get rid of the new home folder and use the old one instead…a RM -R (LOLOLOLOLOL) renders the system unstartable in current form…so again, did a clean install do not mess with the home folder and yes once again we have only two folders in the /home dir.

Please help me fix this shizzodd. I am on the laptop now and this upgrade (new install went well).


A new install is what I’d do.

If you’re keeping your old /home partition, during the install process you don’t format your old /home partition, but you need to tell the installer to mount /home where your old /home partition is, or it creates the new /home folder.

See that is just what I did. I had to keep the /home partition because of all the settings/pics and saved stuff that I need. So…it did indeed keep the /home partition, but, inside home there are now two directories that are there.

For example

/home/old settings
/home/new settings

and KDE is using /home/new settings instead of the other folder.


Everything as far as FSTAB is concerned is great because the partitions are intact, there is just an extra directory where the new install has new settings.


I need KDE to see and use the old settings directory…

A breakdown of the process…

As you know when you are installing a new system, you are asked for a user name…lets call it new settings. When I first installed the system let’s say I called it…old settings…so therefore now you see the directory issues…

How do I tell KDE don’t use new settings, use old settings??

Thanks for the quick replies…keep em coming:mad::eek::cool:


What about KDiff? Will that work on the two directories? From there, will KDE be able to use the new merged directory???

Can I just copy the /home/old settings directory over the /home/new settings directory and it work?

or maybe it is as easy as changing the user settings (YaST, Security and Users, User and Group management) change user details to make a change to the directory…

HELP what is my next step??

I would say check your users home folder setting using YaST > Users and Groups.

What I don’t get is what you mean by /home/old & /home/new?
Would you post your fstab as also an ’ ls /home -al ’ just to be sure we are talking about the same thing.

If the account is using /home/new you can copy the contents of /home/old into it (do this by logging in as root as let root do the copy, then set ownerships and rights if necessary.)

logging in as the affected user should then show the old environment.

Hope that helps,

Thanks for the quick response!!! I am currnently copying the old home directory to the new one in root…I will post the fstab in a bit…right now I am on a laptop in another room but essentially the directories for /home (this is as in user home not root home) contain what the OS would see as two users. The exact urls are as follows

/home/rich-and-lori (this is the new one)
/home/Rich-and-Lori (this is the old one)

What KDE did was to install new KDE into the lower case folder asin new install and not upgrade as in use prior settings

Going into YaST and changing users to home to the old home produced great results but now YaST is totally hosed which leads me to the copy…from here, I will then set the users security setup back to the lower case home dir and see if that gets us back.

Better ideas??? Remember I have only copied the old home directory over at this point…IF I should keep the security user settings to the old dir (Rich-and-Lori), what magic do I do to get YaST to work again?

Linux is case sensitive.

When you created the user account during the install process you apparently didn’t use the same capitalization as when you did your previous Ubuntu install.

As it was stated above, you should be able to go into Yast - Users and Groups, and point your account to the other directory.

ummmmm psssst…uhhh previous Suse install :slight_smile:

LOLOLOLOL. Tis good.

Ok so the results, I spent the better part of the afternoon evening copying over the old directory onto the new on and then set back the YaST Users and Groups users to the new home DIR rebooted and it works…weirdness…had double the icons on the desktop and Plasma geeked out a couple times when removing icons (???) causing a couple reboots. It was almost as if there were two plasma processes running. When I would remove some of the icons, they would just go away, remove others, it would ask me if I wanted to delete them…I almost could swear that they were the duplicated icons…

YaST works again for user, which is great!! But sound is not, got to be a bit late so I will work on that when I get home…funny…sound works as root not as user. Will have to do some rummaging around to figure out what happened.

I have some other weirdness going on on the laptop that I hope will get cleared up with updates. This morning I was just tooling around not doing much of anything and the desktop whiped off to a black screen, then after a bit I got the “could not start ksmserver, check your installation” after clicking ok it resets and it is login time again.

Have a lot of fun

Oh and for whatever reason I can’t get some applications to launch from konsole…like Sax2 -r. Sax starts and acts like it is gonna go to gui and do something but…after access is granted, nothing happens…samething when trying to edit a file as root for example…you get to su, enter pw, prompt is there for su environment, you type in…oh…say kedit etc/fstab for example and the shell shows kedit and nothing happens…

Could there be something wrong with ksyscoca?

Oh and YaST on the laptop is excrutiatingly slow!! It is weird it seems to be on the downloading side of things.

What are the rebuild commands for YaST? I don’t want to wipe out the system. I just want to clean up YaST a bit