Please guide me to install 3D chess game (e.g. DreamChess) or any other good one for Suse

I remember playing DreamChess on Ubuntu, but the one is not available for Suse 11.4 KDE.
Can you please suggest a 3D version of Chess for OpenSuse 11.4 KDE.
I have tried installing various chess programs through Yast, but they do not appear installed in the “games” section of “applications”.
Please guide.
Thanks in advance.

Hello I do not play games but something I will try to find about that.
Try brutalchess.

Hello Stamos. How are you.
Good to find you here again to help me. Thanks.
Can you suggest how to install brutalchess. It is not there in Yast.

Go here
RPM Search OpenSuSE brutalchess-0.5.2+dfsg-6.66.i586.rpm

I’ve noticed this package isn’t on the regular openSUSE repositories, as such, I’ve built it and will submit it to the games repository.

You can download the package from one of the links (openSUSE 11.4) to my OBS (openSUSE Build Service) home repository:

Install the application with the command (as root)

 zypper in ~/Downloads/dreamchess-0.2.0-1.x86_64.rpm 

I’ve submitted it to the games repository on OBS, so it’s a question of days until it gets accepted! Enjoy the game.

It has been accepted on the games repository. So if you want to install the games repository that can be accomplished with the following commands as root (for openSUSE 11.4):

  • Add the repository:
 zypper ar 
  • Refresh the repository and install the game:
 zypper ref && zypper in dreamchess 

At the current time the packages are still building, within 10/15 minutes it should be available from the games repo as well :slight_smile:

We are very fortunate in openSUSE that one of the Packman packagers has packaged MANY chess games for openSUSE. In order to install those chess games, you need to add the Packman packager repository to openSUSE Software Manager. If you do not know how to do that please POST and advice. Adding Packman repository for software is VERY important, not only for chess but for many different multimedia and other packagers. It is the LARGEST repository of 3rd party packaged software for openSUSE.

There used to be a Chess wiki, where a lot of this information was kept. But the wiki changed format, and the chess wiki was moved to a hard to reach ‘holding’ area. Some day I hope to create a new chess wiki, but for the time being I have a copy of the old wiki located as a directory in my user name in the opensuse web site.

None of these in the wiki I refer to are ‘Dream Chess’ nor ‘Brutal Chess’ (the chess games in the wiki I note have much stronger algorithms and play a much better game of chess than ‘Dream Chess’ and ‘Brutal Chess’).

Please take a look here:
User : Oldcpu/chess - openSUSE

It refers to over a dozen different chess games, some of which play very strong chess.

Thanks a lot. Now I can install DreamChess on openSuse.

I had tried installing many of these chess programs, but none of those were 3D and even though Yast showed them to be installed, they were not visible in the “Games” section of “Applications”. The Packman repository is already installed in my computer.
But I would love to experiment with new chess programs too, if you can guide me in the same process.
Thanks once again.

I play chess. But not 3D.

Yes, none of them are 3D. And they will not appear in the applications area. Note you typically for those programs need a front end (such as xboard and/or polglot, and/or eboard). Then with those front ends, and the program installed, you can use the terminal command described in the wiki.

ie You MUST READ the wiki. Please. If you want a desktop icon or a menu entry, and there is none present, you can always create your own.

For example, if you have RobboLito0085 installed (with the front ends I noted above), then to run RobboLito0085 chess program, open a Terminal and type:


Thats an incredibly strong chess program! If you can beat that, you should consider being a chess professional.

Glad to help, happy gaming. You also have GLChess which is the Chess game of GNOME, it’s quite nice and the AI is sweet (and of course it has a 3D view also).

 zypper in glchess 

But this will also install other Gnome programs which I don’t want.

Do not worry about glchess, although it is for Gnome I play with it in my old laptop which has KDE.

Stamostolias, sure, it will install on KDE no problem. But it will not stop the ‘bloat’ that I think user babloo75 wants to avoid.

Babloo75, note the chess programs in the web page User : Oldcpu/chess - openSUSE I mentioned do NOT have such bloat, and they are very strong (but they do not have the 3D graphics).

Frankly, I prefer the 2D presentation that comes with Xboard over any 3D presentation that I have seen. I find the 3D presentations while ‘cute’ not as easy to use when thinking about one’s move.

Hmmmm. Time to upgrade myself. :slight_smile:
I try to use this User:Oldcpu/chess - openSUSE . Sorry but I do not play many games, I use openSUSE only for developing and programming. Wait to check your chess oldcpu in my laptop.

For those who want the one-click way : Zoekresultaten

I thought that it is only for Ubuntu.

That’s my package :slight_smile: