Please choose your honorifics/titles/tags/labels

Hi Y’all
We all have tags associated with our usernames that change according to the number of posts we have made. They run like this:
Junior Member, Member, Senior Member … and so on

You’ve been choosing in an associated thread some alternate schemes for these titles. Heres’s the thread:
What are the good tags to use with post counts? - openSUSE Forums

There’s a short list of eight. Please vote for your favorites in the poll. Tell us what you think too, and suggest some others for the future if you like.

Here are the candidates:

  • Penguin family

Puzzled Penguin
Student Penguin
Explorer Penguin
Parent Penguin
Wise Penguin
Omniscient Penguin

  • Susers

Infant Suser
Child Suser
Teenage Suser
Cool Dude Suser
Parent Suser
Fossilised Suser

  • Internet Memes

Dropped Packet
Broadcast Packet
Local Area Network
Series of Tubes
Worldwide Torrent
Worldwide Hub

  • Tron Fans

Master Control Program
End of Line

  • Good guys

Imperial Guardsman
Adeptus Mechanicus
Adeptus Astartes

  • Bad guys

Iron Warrior
Dark Adeptus
Chaos Space Marine
Follower Of Khorne

  • Tuxlings

First Steps
Friend of Tux
Flying with Linux
Emperor Penguin

  • Penguin swimmers

Emperor Penguin

PS multiple choice
PPS I’m leaving off the obvious winner *
I’m leaving off the*

Here are my choices:

1st: Penguin family
2nd: Tuxlings
3rd: Susers

What are the proposed post count levels: 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000?
That means I have to write more than 25 posts to go to the next level!:frowning:
Doesn’t seem like its being followed now.

I don’t know what’s being followed now. The proposed levels are: 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000

Or do you want something starting lower, like 30, 75, 150, 500, 1000, 2000?
What do you think?

I voted for ‘Penguin swimmers’, which is what I had suggested in the other thread. My second vote would have been for ‘Penguin family’ which I think is also kind of funny. :slight_smile:

That will be more encouraging for guys like me who are new to the forum and relatively new to openSUSE.:smiley: So what about 30, 80, 200, 500, 1000, 2000?

Honestly, I prefer a forum karma system over post count rankings either way. However, I’m partial to my suggestion of Tuxlings.

SUSE’s mascot is a chameleon (Geeko), so where’s the set of lizard names?

Trying to get a job selling car insurance.

I like penguins too but at least lizards live in warm climates. :stuck_out_tongue:

What did you have in mind? Green lizard, olive lizard, dark gereen lizard…?

Chameleon, gecko, comodo, etc. I’m sure you can dig up some varieties with wikipedia.

Ubuntu uses coffee,why I don’t remember so, is it too late to have a lizard list?
This is Opensuse & our mascot is a chameleon. Why not a chameleon family?
It’d go something like this
Baby lizard
Little Lizard
Big Lizard
Papa Lizard
Just in case that idea is/was thrown out I did vote for the Penguin Family, for me Puzzled penguin fit when I started.

I have to say that I quite like ken’s idea.

Voted Penguin family but +1 for ken_yap’s idea too.

Just to through in some ideas:

Naked Gecko
Striped Gecko
Wall Gecko
Flying Gecko
Guru Gecko

Instead of Infant… maybe something like ‘Bash’, as that represents new/reborn. :smiley:

That is right… what’s this Gecko I’ve got in my head. Seen to many SLES clips clips I think :smiley:

That would end up with something like this:

Veiled Chameleon
Common Chameleon
Panther Chameleon
Three-horned Chameleon
Four Horned Chameleon
Giant Chameleon

I liked the Gecko names better… lol

Works for me. There’s a new round in about 3 months. It would be good to have the lizards come in then. Needs a bit of thinking to get the lizard classification relating to increasing numbers of posts.

Edit: I just saw the posts of Sagemta and Magic31 – They look good/viable. There’s a theme to work into the next round. Maybe the lizards versus the penguins or something like that.

I agree. When you look around the net at “branding” for eye candy, SuSE is short changed. This would be one way to say “Hooray for our side!”

So, here are a few:
newt (like newbie - get it???)
chameleon (for someone changing to a suser)
Komodo (because its an intermediate size)
diplodocus (for certain plodding, imposing posters)
T-Rex (the one everyone wants)
Geeko (for when you really know your SuSE)

I like it! If that were an option, I’d switch my vote.