Please allow bb image code for signatures

Just as the title.

I can’t really see why it’s disabled if you can link images to other sites in posts.
I’m not asking to allow uploading of images.
That would require storage space.

Also why not drop the openSUSE, openSUSE Forums and Quick Links menus from the left hand side of every page that the forum is on and add the links to the green area at the top of the page that is labeled Forums. The forum could then be opened out to a full page and not squashed into the rest of the page.

I think that the font’s on here are too small and yes I could change them in my browser but why should everyone have to try hard to read anything on here. No I don’t need my eyes tested.

Just a thought. No biggy if you don’t.
I know layout is important and I think it could be improved here.

Use the menu in the lowwer-left of this page and choose openSUSE Basic as theeme. A lot of what you ask for is there.

Cool, The wider forum is much better. Thanks.

The image signatures would be nice though.