Pleas help my with mysql?

Hi there,
i am trying to install a python-mysql adapter, and i am getting the error /", line 24, in mysql_config.
I need this adapter for Zope3, and i am developing under Suse 11
And the reason for this, is that in Suse 11, there is no mysql_conf file in the binaries, so what is the equivillant binary for this file, I would appreciate any help!


Hi guys,
Sorry if I ask my questiomo here, I didn’t know how to ask a new question.
I am totally fed up now.
I love OPENSUSE 11 and it looks so cool.
I just want to insrestore my MySql database to it and I don’t know how.
When I use mySql administrator tool the restore backup section is unactivated. How can I restore my backup file to this? In windows it was few seconds only.
I can run MySQL query browser and MySql administrator tool.

Helo me please that I really need it.



python-mysql is available via RPM (in standard repository). Just install it via YaST.

But Zope3 might not be full compatible with python 2.5 Zope 3 wiki FAQ - General so that you might run into other trouble :frowning:

hope this helps