plazma dashboard lost. (again)

I’m sure this has been answered many a time, but I’m not finding the right key words.

NO idea what I did but my plasma dashboard has fallen and I can’t get it up.:X


Not clear if you mean Plasma Desktop?
Dashboard? Does anyone use that?

We’ll have you functioning properly soon;)

I could be using the wrong name. I was wrong once. When I thought I was but I wasn’t.

I use KDE. I’m talking about the - :wink: thingy - in the upper left that has firefox, my home folder, help, openoffice…etc. Probably others and home folder might be named my computer or something else, but I can’t recall what was in it because I can’t find it, and I have a REAL bad memory. Survived the 80’s doncha know.

Just switched from Fedora and Gnome. I gotta say, I’m in love with Suse. Only thing I miss is Avant Window Navigator.


Sounds like you are describing folder view widget
Right click desktop, unlock if necessary
Add widget
Add folder view.

Well, that brought back the “plasma dashboard” but it doesn’t have the default items. It definatly is called the plasma dashboard because if I click on the icon on the lower panel called “show the plasma dashboard,” it brings it up but it’s empty. All I really want is the one that shows my desktop, home folder and - what I’m after - network. I’d add the widget to my panel if I could find it.

I’m not in front of a KDE4 box ATM, but you can make the “FolderView” widget display the desktop in the widget’s settings.

If you already got the plasmoid, but is empty…
and want back the icons in it, unlock widget, just right click inside the plasmoid and select folder view settings and there select location as desktop… and your icons will be back.

I don’t get the same thing that way. I get folders, but not the original “My Computer.”

I came up with the perfect solution. Since it’s a brand new install, no data yet, I’m doing a fresh install. I’ll get the apps I want on it, VMware, Citrix client - virtual servers are already backed up - join it to the domain, get drivers updated and… Make an image. Then start modifying the look and feel, and… make another image:-) Then I can learn the break fix.

Right click desktop, add widget, select “folder View” now right click on the plasma folder,“folder view settings”, then under Location Select the radio button”show the desktop folder” and you are right back to the original settings for the KDE