playstation eye mic not being loaded after reboot

I’m using opensuse 11.2 with a 64bit configuration (KDE 4.3.5).
I have a playstation eye webcam that work’s perfectly (just plug & play) but i have an annoying problem. The microphone of the webcam is not being loaded after every reboot but, after the os has booted, plug-off and then plug-in again, makes it work normally.

I’ve googled and i have found some solutions, telling that it should be a modules problem not being loaded in the right sequence, or during shutting down or when switching on. The fact is that i couldn’t apply that solutions cause they were for different systems.

Anyone have an idea how to solve that?

I would like to thank you in advance and i would ask to excuse me if i haven’t posted enough information but i don’t know where to start :).

I have found that this is not a specific playstation eye problem but it’s a generic issue with alsa and webcams with integrated microphone.

Here might be the solution:
» ALSA not recognizing soundcard when webcam plugged in at boot time - Sysadmin Ramblings » Blog Archive](

the problem is that i can not find modprobe.conf file in opensuse 11.2. Anyone know how to apply the same solution in opensuse?