playstation 3 ? ne one xperienced to connect online via nic?

hi i’m trying to get my ps3 online atm i’ve got 3 network connections one which connects via cable modem to the internet and then i have my windows machine connected via eth1 and what im trying to do is get online with my second ethernet card. i’ve tried connecting automatically via dhcp though i dont think i can do that, as far as i know my isp only allows me to have one ip if i want to connect other machines to the internet im supposed to get a complete other connection and go on a contract and blah blah waste more money n so on … so if possible id like to jux avoid that n route the connection via my nic i also configured using a static ip address the playstation got an ip though returned a dns error ?? any suggestions would be much appreciated ///… thank you pplz

This is a fairly common and typical scenario.

The solution is to configure your PC (in this case I assume OpenSuSE) as a NAT box.

This means that any machines like your PS and Windows boxes which connect “behind” your NAT box will share your NAT box’ external IP address.

Your ISP will see you using only one assigned IP address and will likely only be able to determine you have other machines connecting by analyzing the traffic (They’ll be able to see the one NAT box with almost total certainty and if looking will definitely see all sorts of traffic not typical for the NAT box).

Some ISPs will frown on doing this although I haven’t heard of anyone losing service because of it unless you run Server applications.

Read up on how to do this, if you stiff have questions then post again.

Did you put any DNS info on the playstation?