Playonlinux on Opensuse 11.3


Has anyone had success in installing playonlinux ( ) in Opensuse 11.3 ? If so, how do I go about it, it does not appear that there are any pre-compiled rpms for it.

Thank you.

You can try to use the .src.rpm from PackMan :: Informationen zum Paket PlayOnLinux or drop a message to the packager :wink:


These questions might sound silly,
but once I get the .src.rpm do I just then run the ./configure ./make and then ./install?

And also is that a real possibility to drop a message to the packager and say, please please please make a package for Opensuse?


btw has anyone had success by installing the source file on Opensuse 11.3? If so I’ll give it a go myself.



I’m running PlayOnLinux. No problems. I did 1-click install from PackMan :: Informationen zum Paket PlayOnLinux.

Hi there,

I have still been unsuccessful. Can you please copy and paste the link which you used the 1-click install from.
I have been to the website and have been unable to successfully install the program.

Go Here> PackMan :: Informationen zum Paket PlayOnLinux <
On the right side of the page you will see the 1-click logo.

You may try the this link> <


Yast gives me an error "Installation Not Possible"
“The install link or file you opened does not contain instructions for this version of openSUSE”

Still uncertain of what to do.

I have had a look in the forums. I’m not sure as to whether I have on my system wxPython.

I am unable to install it from the 1 click install option.

I have just posted the following topic on the actual playonlinux forum

Hi there,

I am struggling to install PlayOnLinux on my machine.

Operating System: Opensuse 11.3
Destop: KDE
Installed Wine Version: 1.2-0.1.1

The PlayOnLinux that I have installed is

PlayOnLinux - Play your Windows games on Linux

Build Time:
Sun 05 Jul 2009 09:27:15 AM EST
Install Time:
Sat 04 Sep 2010 09:24:05 AM EST
Package Group:
GPL v 3
Installed Size:
2.4 MiB
Download Size:
0 B
openSUSE 11.1 (noarch)
PackMan :: Startseite
Andrea Florio <>
Build Host:

Source Package:
Media No.:

I’m not sure whether my issue is with the wxpython (as to whether I have the correct files installed)


I have been unsuccessful in using the 1-click install option on your site.

This is what has led me to use the 11.1 package.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

I am lost on this one. I have been using PlayOnLinux for over a month now with no problems. All I did was do the 1-click install. I did install Wine first though( I think the 1-click would install it).
I’m running 11.3 GUI=KDE 4.5

Has been added for 11.3 now.
If 1-Click still does not work, add the Packman-Repo manually (if not already done) and install playonlinux via zypper or yast.


I’ve done that, installed it via the command ‘zypper install playinlinux’ type in playonlinux in the terminal, and it still does not load. It is difficult to diagnose because there are no error messages that occur from the terminal. It just loads with the version number then from there I am just in a position where I can press enter and the curser moves, though nothing happens.

Did you expect fireworks? Maybe reading the docs may help

Documentation - PlayOnLinux - Run your Windows applications on Linux easily!


If you are unable to locate it in the menus, you may try to launch it using the command “playonlinux” from a terminal window. If this fails it is probably not correctly installed and you should consult the download instructions again.

The “Download Instructions” … I have clicked on the Opensuse Link which shows the RPM’s. I have installed the RPM’s for my Distro Opensuse 11.3.

It is still not working. I believe I have taken the appropriate steps for it to work, although it is not working.

I can locate the menu… When I click the button on the menu list the program does not load. When I attempt to load Playonlinux in the command line it still does not load.