playonlinux - FARCRY2 glitch

Hello. I installed Far Cry 2 + the patch. I have suse 11.4 + KDE.

The run button doesn’t do anything. Right after I installed it, I use the autorun feature to get far cry running. After I reboot, I can’t get the feature to work again. The start menu has far cry references, but they give file not found. The correct location: media\FARCRY2, it’s set at media\cdrom.

I have to attemped a reinstall and correct the media name. Then run it from menu that pops up. I have to eject the cd rom and reinsert it to get it to see the dvd rom.
install->dvd version->insert far cry disk->cd rom mounted->other->FARCRY2 then cancel then try autorun again and follow the prompts.

Need help. Thanks.

playOnLinux uses wine, so please refer to the wineHQ.

there are several discussions on far cry on wine HQ

>playOnLinux uses wine, so please refer to the wineHQ.

Winehq locked my topic, when I was finally onto a clue to running it in wine. ARG! Playonlinux hasn’t responded. So, i’m still stuck using the autorun method which takes about a minute to two minutes to start it. So, I need someone to walk me through this. Else, there is NOTHING I can do. :frowning:

Playonlinux installed the game and the patch. Now, I just need to figure out how to run it.