PlayOnLinux - a joke?

This seem a bit to good to be true Home - PlayOnLinux - Run your Windows applications on Linux easily ! . Does anyone know if it works?

I know nothing.

Use wine:
Geoff’s Linux tips - wine

Ive had some experience, its pretty much a gui frontend for wine. Play on linux has a list of “supported” applications available through the gui. They are pretty much scripts to make it eaisier to install your programs (the script will download any additional dll files, do the winecfg for you etc…). You can also install “unsupported” games through the gui and configure them yourself using the standard battery of wine tools. Be aware “supported” and “unsupported” for the sake of this post, means Play on Linux has a script to automate the install…it will run the programs as well (or in some cases, as bad) as installing programs the long way using the command line.

I havent used it in a while. Personally, I found it to be a little clunky…I find it is eaisier to use the long way…this lets me see exactly what is going on.

I can’t install it,

YaSt give me this error

Subprocess failed. Error: RPM is mislukt: warning: /tmp/ Header V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID 9a795806
error: Failed dependencies:
	python-wxGTK is needed by

works like a charm for me!

Very interesting. If anyone can tell me how it compares to the performance of Windows in a VM, please do so right away.

I was never able to get and games working when running windows in a VM.

Make no mistake: playonlinux is just wine – though it will use winetricks or a similar script to download any known dlls that are needed for supported programs. My Kids computer has playonlinux installed, and it works decently for them-- but it tends to put it’s own icon on the desktop instead of the game’s, which my kids don’t like.

I use wine when I need to run windows apps, and for the most part it works great.

playonlinux is an excellent package for people who are not very experienced with wine. Any donations to it go directly to wine developers unlike with cedega.

Ive been using it for sometime now and I have no issues with it, its even made my life easier.

As for the dependency errors listed above, just open yast and search POL will install just fine

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Anyone used CrossOver as well, to compare? I’ve used CO for 3 months now, seems to work reasonably well, especially with MS Office and the supported applications, but POL seems smaller and is free. Any views on the matter?

Play on Linux creates a completely new wine environment for each game you install and a script to configure wine for many games that require tweaks. It causes some complications. It’s a bit of a pain to apply a patch to a game, for instance. The patch either needs to be supported by POL or you need to set up an environment variable to point to the correct wine installation. Not a show-stopper (for me) but a bit of a pain.

The goal, I guess, is to take the research out of getting a game to work on linux by scripting the install and configuration. So far it hasn’t quite been that easy in my experience, and I tend to prefer to install with wine and browse the application database for reports on how to get things working.


Playonlinux seems pretty viable here, it seems able to do IE7 for those who need it for those annoying IE only sites

I hope this servers any one trying to us this app in 11.2

playonlinux 3.7.2 on 11.2