Playing youtube breaks sound for other media.

I do a clean boot. Sound works fine. Open Firefox, play a youtube video which plays fine. However after playing youtube, the sound no longer works for anything else i.e. mp3, system notifications, etc stop working. Youtube still plays fine though.
Test sound in YAST doesn’t work and test sound doesn’t work in the config desktop>sound configuration.

If I close firefox then the sound starts working again for mp3, etc, although the test sound still doesn’t work in YAST but it does work in the config desktop>sound configuration.

What’s going on here? Sound in openSuSE (linux?) is really a headache for me.

YaST has a bug, and the the Test sound does not work well for all sound cards, so IMHO you can ignore that in your considerations as to what is happening wrt sound.

Now Linux has always had a problem with playing sound from multiple sources at the same time. That is one reason why an effort is being made by various Linux developers to implement Pulse Audio. Unfortunately the implementation of Pulse Audio has been fraught with bugs ands implementation problems.

Yes it is Linux, and NOT just openSUSE that is struggling with this issue.

You can read up more on Linux sound concepts here: Sound-concepts - openSUSE

In the case of firefox, my experience is that sometimes, dependant on the plugin that one has used, it will access the sound device, and NOT let the device go until firefox is closed (and sometimes one can not see the firefox browser but its still running in the back ground, and one has to check running processes to see if firefox is still indeed running).

If one is able to specify the alsa api to be used in an applications audio output module, then often it is possible to have multiple multimedia applications play audio at the same time. But thats not always possible with alsa. … and as noted, the implementation of pulse audio (which is intended to help solve this problem) is struggling.

If you wish to see what application is using your sound device, you can type in a konsole or terminal: lsof /dev/dsp* /dev/audio* /dev/mixer* /dev/snd/* Run that at different times when various media applications are playing, and also when none are playing, and you will learn how to identify which application has “seized” your audio. Please do NOT post the output of that here, as I am not interested in looking at it.

If you wish to use a speaker-test (other than YaST) then try each of the 3 speaker-tests noted in the audio troubleshooting guide, noting that typically one one or two of those tests will work (and not all 3): SDB:AudioTroubleshooting - openSUSE - how to test your sound

Thanks, and good luck. :slight_smile:

Thanks. What gets me is that it just seems inconstant sometimes with the way it all works.