Playing Win32 Multimedia formats: When All Else Fails.

I’m trying a sneakier way to play those pesky multimedia files with Win32-based codecs…have Windows itself do it, by installing a semi-dedicated VM to tackle them.

I installed VirtualBox OSE (included with openSuSE 11 GM), and then created a Windows VM (XP works perfectly for this), and shared (read-only, of course) the folders with the problem files.

I’ll let you know how well it works.

that is one way to make sure Mr. Gates doesn’t run out of money…(since
you ARE using a paid for copy of his software, huh?)


I don’t have any problem playing media files.
What can’t you play in linux?


> I don’t have any problem playing media files.
> What can’t you play in linux?

my point exactly!
why go to all the trouble (and expense) of running winders in a VM under


Some Win32 codecs simply will not play in Linux because of a lack of codec support (for example, VLC support is not identical across Windows and Linux precisely because of the codec issue; in fact, if VLC in Linux doesn’t have codec support for a file, any attempt to play it will crash).

VLC is my preferred video-file player in both operating systems; however, the codec support isn’t identical across Windows and Linux (this is the current 0.8.6h version from the VideoLan repo in openSuSE 11 GM compared to the 0.8.6h version for Windows downloaded from last night).

Lastly, the VM support is included with openSuSE (in fact, so is VirtualBox OSE), and, as the other commenter pointed out, Windows XP is paid for. So, since plenty of folks run Linux in a VM on Windows, why not run Windows in a VM on Linux (especially if it helps solve a particularly thorny problem)?

Trouble? VirtualBox OSE is included with openSuSE 11.0 GM (so is the Xen hypervisor, should I choose to tackle it that way).

Expense? It’s a legit and fully-paid-for copy of Windows XP that is currently not in use otherwise. (Additional expense: none!)

So, other than a few mouse clicks and the configuration of VirtualBox (which is minimal), what’s the problem?