playing video files which want h264 does not work


I installed the released OS Leap15.3 and per YAST, the current versions of the h264 stuff, but a variety of different video players complain about not being able to find h264 codecs.

Any helpful ideas with be greatly appreciated.

Is the Libdvdcss repo enabled, and libdvdcss2, and other packages from Packman listed there installed?


Libdvdcss was enabled. But some of the packages weren’t installed. After following what you pointed to, things work great! Thanks!!

Here’s my favorite protocol for making sure I have all my desired repos and codecs installed. This page has the most complete list of codecs and installation protocols I’ve found.

This might give you a clue about what’s missing or misinstalled. Good luck.

That’s the same link I put in post #2.