Playing protected flash content.

I was running Tumbleweed, and was able to get HAL installed just fine, which let me watch Hulu. However when I go to download it for Leap, I get an .rpm file that won’t install, and instead just gives me a tar.gz file, which I have no idea how to install. I tried just installing chrome, obviously didn’t work still. Everything else works beautifully for me. I just have no idea how to get Hulu working again.

I don’t need such so can’t really say
But at Mint
They came up with:

basically the easiest thing to do is install Firefox for windows and flash for windows under wine and use that for DRM content, pipelight is difficult to setup as it uses a patched version of wine plus flash for windows which it embeds in to Firefox for Linux, using Firefox under wine is sort of supported as wine’s native browser uses gecko.

Hadn’t even thought of that! Thank you!