Playing media content from openSUSE on a DLNA Smart TV

Wondered how easy it would be to make content on an openSUSE machine available through DLNA on our smart TV. The TV already has a wired networkconnection to our gigabit LAN. And this was all there is to it:

Prepare: take 1 openSUSE machine

Step one: go to , search for “minidlna”
Step two: install minidlna
Step three: read through /etc/minidlna.conf and enter own media_dirs in full path
Step four: remove /var/cache/minidlna/*
Step five: activate and start the minidlna service through Yast - Sytem - Runleveleditor. Machine instantly shows up on the TV
Step six: watch/listen media from laptop on TV.

Next step will be installing 12.2 and minidlna on the main machine (which hosts all the mediafiles)

Hi Knurpht,

Thanks for the report. Perhaps you’d be so kind as making a test for us non-English-speaking people :slight_smile:

How does it work with soft subtitles, specifically .srt? Last time I looked at it there has no support for streaming them together with the movie, as only one file could be streamed at a time to a client.
The (CPU intensive) workaround given in one app - I think it was mediatomb, but not sure - was to re-encode the video with hard subs on-the-fly, something that didn’t work very well for me.



Hi,Knurpht! I’ve recently installed “minidlna” from,got it through One-Click Install,but on trying to modify as requested the .conf file through kwrite,the file results BLANK!!

Can you help to resolve? I’m using openSUSE 13.2