Playing DVD from external drive

I’ve recently updated to 11.2 and I’m using KDE. My laptop is an old Compaq Presario R3000 and the CD/DVD drive is broken. As a result I use an external USB DVD drive, which is recognised when I connect it.

However, the Device Notifier only gives me the following options: Download photos with Digikam, rip/copy DVD with K3b, Open with Dolphin, Do nothing.

In order to play it I have to open VLC and choose Play Disc. I also had to change the default device to /dev/sr1 rather than /dev/sr0. Kaffeine doesn’t work, but I’m happy with VLC.

So how should I make “Play with VLC” appear in the Device Notifier options when I load a DVD? Sorry if this is very basic but I’m quite new to OpenSUSE.

Edit: I have now found the Device Actions dialogue in Personal Settings -> Advanced -> Device Actions.

Presumably I need to edit these to make the correct options available; any ideas what I should change?