Playing Blu-Ray Disks

I have 12.3 -64-bit installed just fine. I’ve been bragging on how nice my rig is. It’s an HP XW8600 workstation with a 2G nVidia GT520 card, 32G of ram, and a 1.4TB 7200 RPM drive. It breathes fire and is solid as a rock. But…I just replaced my DVD drive with a LG iHES112-04 SATA interface Blu-Ray drive. It recognizes a Blu-Ray disk just fine. It’ll read all the files, but it will not play them. I tried Kaffeine and VLC without luck. Anybody have any idea how to fix this? I downloaded a deb file to play install lxBDPlayer, but that didn’t work. I also can rip the video of the disk into an MKV file, but I just want to play the disk. I’ve done a ton of Googling already too. HELP! Here a screencap of what I get when I try to play one in VLC.

Sounds like it might be a protected/encrypted blu-ray. Last I checked there is no playback support for these natively in media players since they aren’t licensed with AACS or BD+ keys… MKV files work (if using makemkv) because those folks seem to have found out how to do just that and keep the way they do it under tight wraps/binary blobs so that it’s not easily blocked by issuing a “revoke decryption key” update.

As a workaround, have you considered using makemkv’s streaming server feature? It mounts the blu-ray and starts a media stream you can connect to using any player that supports network streaming. • View topic - Direct video streaming

Most, but not all, of my Blu-Rays play fine with VLC.
Make sure you have installed libbluray1 (most likely installed already) and libaacs0.
VLC seems to have a problem recognising and mount the Blu-Ray device so first make sure it is mounted. I am on KDE so what I do is I just open the disk with Dolphin via the Device Notifier (to mount it) and then I use the menu system in VLC: Media > Open Disc select BluRay and navigate to the mount point e.g. /media/‘name of the Blu-Ray film’ (don’t navigate further up in the Blu-Ray directory, use the base folder) then press Play.

Look here for more info and also an alternative approach if in trouble:

Well then, I stand corrected. It has been a bit since I actually tried to play a BR on my machine… :wink:

No, I don think so, isn’t this just a (another) way round the intended encryption ‘obstacle’:slight_smile:

Have you tried any of the approaches explained in the Article?

Dont expect miracles here, blu-ray is a very closed off standard and so it has no real workarounds that work 100% for linux.
The only reason windows can do it easily is because closed off OS + closed off format = it will work.
Yeah it sucks, but its no fault of linux.
Either a: get an actual blu ray player, or ditch it.

Well, I installed an internal SATA bluray/DVD writer. I’ll keep it in there and keep trying to figure this out.:\

On 07/13/2013 11:56 AM, Rudemeister wrote:
> Well, I installed an internal SATA bluray/DVD writer. I’ll keep it in
> there and keep trying to figure this out.:

Ripping can work. I haven’t tried dumphd from the doom9 folks… but it’s
supposed to work.

I have used DVDfab under wine… it works.

I’m a supporter of the Slysoft stuff, but their stuff does not work under wine.

DVDfab works so well under wine, I’m thinking about paying for it (it’s non-free
commercial software that allows you to “try it” first).

To play Blue-ray video on any video player device you have to use a professional Blue-ray player. This player allows you to play high quality of Blue-ray video on your video player.