Playing an iso video file in Smplayer lacks menus & challenges navigation

I have an old laptop with Openssue 11.3 gnome on it, and SMplayer is configured to play all my videos. All other players somehow never configure quit as right as SMplayer does.
Playing an iso video file in Smplayer lacks menus & challenges navigation
I backup my DVD’s to save space to iso images. Some of the video files I backup have multiple episodes like a tv show, instead of say a full length movie.

The issue I’m having with SMplayer is, I can play the first episode, but not the remaing. Smplayer seems to view the iso file only to have the 1st episode on it and it doesn’t recognize the remaining. Is there anyway to configure SMplayer to be able to play all the episodes?

On my other computer I can play the iso with vlc, and go to the menu screen to pick my episode, so I know there is nothing wrong with the iso. Smplayer has no menu screens when playing dvd’s or iso files, so if it is a full length movie there is no issue the file plays.

To recap:
SMplayer works the best for my setup on the laptop
For whatever reason VLC only plays the audio and not the video
Kaffeine asks for a demux plugin
Totem I’ve never got to work
Xine is missing something to play it

Is there a way to play the iso with multiple episodes completely through using SMplayer just like when playing a full length movie?

How can I clarify my issue better, I feel like I’m lacking some details?

I am able to now play the file in VLC on the laptop. Although I’m still curious if Smplayer can accomplish the iso issue. I updated VLC to the latest version and changed the video setting in Preferences-Video settings. I changed the video output from GNU/Linux framebuffer video outout to X11 video output (XCB) and video came back on.

AFAIK Smplayer have only basic support for dvd menus, like the chapter/title selection menus.

Kaffeine has more DVDplayer-like support, showing the original DVD menus and such. Regarding kaffeine asking for plugins, you probably need to switch to the packman kaffeine package, as the one included in opensuse have no support for commercial DVD play due to licensing restrictions. Check the multimedia howtos and/or the stickies in the multimedia forum.

P.S.: note that packman is undergoing restructuring this week, so only the essential repo is working, according to the thread in the News/Announcements forum.