Playing an avi or mpeg file on my TV via my DVD player

Is there nothing about the formats (and the supported settings/profiles) in the manual of the DVD-player?Xvid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia And sometimes there is also a difference between data von CD, on DVD-R, on DVD-RW, on DVD+R…My old DVD-player can play mp3-files from a CD but not from a DVD…:open_mouth:

I would try first an usb stick (power consuption, speed, size, fat/ntfs/ext3, partitions etc.). I have not such fancy DVD player but my sister and her children are happy to be able to watch DivX/Xivid files recorded from TV on such a thing. And my sister would not use it if it would be a big technical fuss (without more near advantages)…:sarcastic:

Again good luck

My DVD player is too old to have such a feature (USB port) . Any chance of our sweet talking you into investigating this and finding out what is the limitation here ? :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe iif it works well for reading xvid/divx AVI movies off of a USB drive, its a good excuse for me to convince my wife that we (my wife and I) need a new stand-aone DVD player. :slight_smile:

Check the manual
Should be quick enough just to try em all.

Usually these work like this:
From the device’s menu, you can browse the usb storage. Some require it to be FAT32, some read NTFS. Try this: put a Divx on a usb-stick, use the player’s menu to navigate to the stick, select the avi for playing.

That’s all very promising guys, thanks. I’ll try a variety of file formats on dvdrw and usb fat stick and usb ntfs drive and let you all know what happens. Since I started this thread I’ve gone away from home to the Gold Coast for the children to have a holiday for a week so I will experiment when I return.

I would suggest the easiest way. For like 2 years I was burning disks to watch them on my TV. Now I used a small appliance from Sage($140) which reads multiple types of files and can connect to your local network via wireline or wireless and i don’t have to convert anything any longer.It’s just an alternative to burning disks. less time to spend on burning and disks. Pocorn is another small box some of my friends are using.

You are quite correct, it is the easiest way. Since I last posted a year ago I found a similar device on ebay and use it regularly.