player windows turn blue in top half of desktop

Here’s a strange one - whenever I move a small video window from my webcam (skype) or xine or kaffeine anywhere on the top half of my desktop, the video disappears and I just get a blue window (for the application).

This doesn’t affect anything else on the desktop (I usually have firefox and konqueror and maybe kwrite open). And xine and kaffeine work fine in full screen mode.

I don’t know where to start because I can’t even imagine what part of linux only manages the top half of my desktop. Has anyone else seen this? What changes when you move a video window up or down?

I’m using opensuse 10.3 (i686) in KDE3 (I think) on an older pentium4 laptop with 750MB RAM (all there is room for). All my video stuff is packman (no videolan repo). I noticed this the first time I used my webcam (about a year ago), and it’s never changed through multiple updates and installs.

a couple of other things can cause you problems. If you have special desktop effects enabled (such as “3D” or “the cube” ) then your video may not work properly. You may have to disable special desktop effects, or may may need to go to your media players setup and change the “output video module” from “auto” (or from “xv” (xvideo)) to “x11”.

Thanks for the tips - X11 isn’t one of the options on the list for kaffeine, but I tried a few others and in every case, it says Can’t init new Video Driver “driver name”, using auto.

I don’t have anything like 3D enabled because my computer has it’s cpu full just handling my usual programs (firefox, etc.). It may just be a memory problem or the Intel 82852/82855 integrated graphics card, I just thought it was comical it only happens when I drag something above the half-way mark.

Just curious. Maybe if I upgrade the graphics driver …