Player dose not work well. Help please, a new user.

Hi, I am a new user of opensuse 11.1, I have just switched one of my computers from vista, so please forgive me if my question seen stupid. I have installed the os according to the docs I found on opensuse’s website, and everything is fun except when I want to player video files or dvds. I have this problem, I don’t know if it is just me or there are somethings I need to do to make it work. The problem is when I play ANY of my videos (file or disk) the film became slow motion or the sound became slow motion or sometimes (most of the time) both or the player stops play (like a frozen picture) all together, a few minutes into the movie. It is like all my video files and dvds are bad, but I know for sure that they are not, because when I play them in my other computer, which is a vista, they are all fun, no problems at all.

I have searched the web and opensuse’s site for answers and came up with nothing that I could use (maybe because I am new to this and do not know what I am doing). Plus I have tried to reinstall the system many time with only one desktop manager and all default softwares and all desktop managers with everything on the installation disk, and every time when I am finished with the installation I always install Mplayer and VLC plus all the codecs according to the docs I found on opensuse’s site. Everything works, just nothing works well (in terms of playing movies on my opensuse 11.1). Can anyone help me please, I really like this os and its software packages, it gets my work done really well and fast. Plus it gives my old laptop a new life. Therefore, I REALLY want to keep it, however, I can not live without my movies. It is about the only thing I do with my computer that is not work related. So, someone please help me out. THANK YOU in advance. Below is the specs for my system, it is about all I know of all things computer. So please forgive me if it is not much.

DELL Inspiron 9400

2 gb ram

100 gb hd

8x dvd writer also dose cd RW

intel wifi

dell bluetooth

Nvidia GeForce GO 7800

Opensuse 11.1 with all desktop managers (I am using Gnome for now, have not got time to find out which is better for me yet, because of the video problem I am having right now) and all default software plus Mplayer, VLC and all codecs according to docs found on opensuse’s site installed.************************

Have you installed nvidia driver?

Some NVIDIA Basics - openSUSE Forums

Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums

First of all, thank you for your fast reply caf4926. I did not install any thing other than what I have wrote here, however, my display seens fun, by that I mean when I go to control center and check graphics card and monitor it knows what I have. Dose that mean I have the proper files installed or do I have to install some new drivers for my problem to be solved.

The info may look correct to you, but open a terminal and type: glxinfo

Post the result, I need the top section not all the lower part with loads of numbers.

thanks caf4926, you are right, once I installed the right video drivers my old problem is gone. And sorry for the late reply. I am at Beijing China right now. There is a 15 hour time dif. Again thank you for your help. Have a nice day.

Ne How. You are welcome! Enjoy China.