playback sound and recording issues

hello u/linux folk. I am brand new to suse using the 11.2 distro if im not mistaken. i am really a noob so step by step advice would be greatly needed and appreciated.

two issues( im hoping related)

1 i have tried to get my sound output working in totem kaffiene and banshee to no avail.

reading through several blogs posts and the such of likes has gotten me to ttry and set pulse alsa and oss so im even more confused .

i can get a sound test to play but cannot get music to work??

2 i would really like to use audacity to record but it keeps hanging after about three seconds.
i purchased a new acer aspire 5532 and deleted windows 7 to encounter this so i would really appreciate some help.

thanks i can post dups or whatever just remember i am very noobish so please go easy.

follow caf4926’s tutorial here: Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums

Note I recommend you keep 4 and only 4 software repositories. Those 4 are the 3 official repositories : oss, non-oss, and packman. And the largest 3rd party repository packman. Just those 4. No others. None. If you need an application from a 5th repository, add the repository, add the application, and remove the 5th repository. When you become an advanced user you can ignore that guidance, but wait until then.

There is guidance here for adding repositories: Repositories/11.2 - openSUSE-Community It is likely that OSS, Non-OSS, and Update are already set up and you should only need to add Packman.

Again, just those 4 !!

Do NOT add videolan as it is KNOWN not to be compatible with Packman in the placement of codecs.

Stay away from the 1 click install. In my experience, it may cause more problems than it solves, because users tend to keep repositories installed after doing a 1 click install.

htank you for the timely communication i have been able to follow the steps or ideas listed in the packman repository will let you know if that does it

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is this a patch or temp fix??? not only is this a new laptop with a fresh install this didnt do anything to get the affore mentioned sitiuation working. I now have about six more “media players” that
im unsure if removing will cause dependency issues. So i will basically at this point have a bunch of usless shell or gui programs cluttering my screen and harddrive. can anyone please help
“fix” this issue or should i be reinstalling again or using ubuntu or gentoo? not to sound synically i just thought this far into the game things might work. thanks some more

Wow i finished my upgrade last night and after following the instructions left for me i turn off my system.

so this morning i awoke to no volume control on my task bar , a depreciated application so as i cannot install another ,my sound is hardly audible, and my left handed mouse pad has reverted to right handed and is unresponsive to return to my setting

can someone please make sense of this . Is this a Noob initiation kind of thing? because i wouldnt wish this on a Xp !!!

i really wanted to believe in this can some please give me some help that actually may make sense!!!??? thanks some more

Yes. Definitely a noob kind of thing.

And the information you provide is not helpful to help you solve your problem.